Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Returns

Income Tax Return is a form through which the particulars of income earned by a person in a financial year, taxes paid on such income, eligible deductions on income tax filed to the Income Tax Department. 

There are different forms of Income Tax Returns for filing returns that depend on the status of the person and nature of income derived.

Every Individual, HUF, Partnership firm, LLP, Trust, Society, and the Company must file income tax returns with the income tax department.

Infinity Tax Filing will help you to get file your income tax return by understanding your nature of business and the source of income you are deriving from.

Infinity Tax Filing will quote a reasonable price for undertaking your income tax return filing.


Get to know more about Income Tax Return ?

Every person must file Income Tax Return if his/her taxable income exceeds Rs.2,50,000 in a financial year provided a company, LLP and Partnership Firm must file an income tax return irrespective of income or loss.

Infinity Tax Filing suggests every person to file an Income tax return even if you are not liable to file ITR because it enhances your credibility and credit availing score from the bank.

Benefits of Filing ITR :

  1. If TDS has been deducted and is higher than the actual tax payable then a refund of tax can be claimed by filing your income tax return.
  2. If there are any losses in your business, income tax filing must be done to carry forward those losses and set off against business profits of future years.
  3. A regular filing of the income tax return will help you to get a bank loan and also a visa.
  4. Fling ITR regularly avoids receiving tax notices from the income tax department.


Steps we follow : 

1.) Documents Verification : Our team will send you the checklist of documents required and once received they will be verified by us. 

2.) Return Preparation : Our Income tax experts will prepare the income tax return and send it to you for approval. 

3.) Registration Certificate : Once the Income tax return is approved by you, Infinity Tax Filing will file your Income tax return with the income tax department and send the acknowledgment to you.  

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