Section 8 Company (Non profit making)

Section 8 Company (Non profit making)

Section 8 Company is the preferred choice of legal status for charitable organizations in India.  

A Section-8 Company is similar to a trust or society except that its registration is approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs so that it has more advantages than Trust and Society like wide recognition, separate legal status, and more credibility among donors and the public at large.  

Infinity Tax Filing can incorporate section 8 company in 12 working days subject to ROC processing time.  


Get to know more of Section 8 Company ? 

Section 8 Company has objectives of promotion of arts, charity, education, protection of the environment, science, social welfare, sports, research, religion.

It has to apply its profits from the activity or other income in promoting its objects.   

The rights and obligations of Section 8 Company are almost like a limited company but Section 8 Company cannot use the words “Section 8” or “Limited” in its name.  

What is included in the package ?  

· DSC of 2 directors  

· DIN of 2 directors  

· MOA & AOA  

· Name approval letter  

· Incorporation certificate  

· Company PAN  

· Company TAN  

· INC 20A (Commencement
of business certificate)

· Assistance in opening bank Current A/c in ICICI and Kotak.  

· Dedicated CA  

Steps we follow  

1. Obtaining DSC : Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory for proposed partners which will be obtained within 1 day. At Infinity Tax Filing, we have a licensed DSC partner with certified authorities approved by Government.  

2. License Approval : Infinity tax filing will apply for section 8 company license to MCA which can be obtained in 2-3 days.  

3. Incorporation Certificate : Infinity tax filing will submit all the filing documents to the MCA after due verification by another checker team and MCA will approve the application in 1 to 3 days subject to ROC time processing.   

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